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Most internet service providers recommend regular running of (1)anti-virus, and (2)anti-spyware programs, and checking for (3)Windows updates for PC users. Although timelines depend on several factors including programs and sites accessed by your computer, time spent online, and connection type.
Avast Anti-Virus Free Edition
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
The following two anti-spyware programs can both be used on the same computer and work in different ways:
Malwarebytes' Anti- Malware
Spybot - Search & Destroy Anti-Spyware
Microsoft Windows Update
It is also recommended that you have a firewall up and running at all times.

SITES & FREE PROGRAMS that can add to your site

Downloadable Programs

Free "Gimp Image Manipulation Program" photo and image processing (7.56MB)
Free word processor/data base/drawing/math/etc. program. Also makes PDF's.
Free Adobe Reader


"GRSites" for free fonts, backgrounds, graphics and sounds
PDF Online Create PDF files online for free


Free Thunderbird Email Client
Free Firefox Internet Browser
Free Internet Explorer Browser
Are cookies enabled on your computer?
IP Address Test


HotArk.com -- The Best Businesses in Arkansas

eCentral -- American Stores Online

HotArk Entertainment -- Your conduit for musicians and groups