The Unadvertised Benefits Of Green Tea

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a very valuable leadership trait that every coffee drinker must have; patience. My “new thing that I will try and cure everything” this week is green tea. After reading all of the health benefits of this magical elixir, I decided to try it. I purchased a box of green tea bags.

Now first let me say that I’m not a coffee drinker. In fact I’ve never been drawn to making a liquid so hot I have to wait for it to cool to get even a small sip. The ONLY exception may be some hot cocoa with little marshmallows floating on top around a campfire. I do believe this enjoyment is heightened by the anticipation of waiting for the cocoa to cool enough to go bobbing for marshmallows. Continue reading

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Preserve The Written Word!

In this day of text messages and email it’s good to know that the written word still works.

We went to N. Little Rock to see Kasen play football yesterday. Right before this photo was taken, he had a baby tooth knocked out on the field and lost it.

Quickly assessing the potential loss in revenue, he decided to put a note explaining the situation under his pillow. I just talked to him and it appears the tooth fairy accepted the hand written note and the transaction was successful.

Think about this the next time you want to Like, Tweet or Share. Every once in awhile, send a note.

When is the last time you actually sent a handwritten note?

Greg Gilbert

Greg L. Gilbert conducts a 30-240 minute program titled

Leading Like You Own It! – Why You Never Wax A Rental Car!

for leadership conferences and training. “The Leadership Czar With A Guitar” also adds to these programs with content and humor.

He has also created and conducts Supervisor/Manager/Leadership Seminars on-site for organizations and at different locations around the country. He is developing professional managers and supervisors through the basics of Education, Engagement and Accountability.

Visit for more information.

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Nope, What I Saw Was Americans.

I am violating an ought-not in my leadership seminar today. I am typing and publishing an emotional e-mail and blog. I always suggest placing these in the draft folder overnight, but not this one.

I just returned from one of the most emotional experiences of my life. I’ve seen it on TV and read about it, but today I truly experienced it. On August 28, 2013, U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Ricardo Young, 34, of Rosston, Arkansas was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. Today, September 13, 2013, his body was flown in to the Hope Municipal Airport. Businesses and individuals were encouraged to come to the airport, procession route and funeral to pay their respects to Sergeant Young and his family.

Sandy and I went to the airport and also followed the procession through my hometown of Hope, Arkansas. I have never felt so many different emotions in 45 minutes. Upon our arrival at the Hope Airport, I felt proud of all the people that came out to pay their respects. There was a large group of motorcycle riders and veterans with flags that formed two lines on the runway as the plane landed with the body of Sgt. Young. My father was a veteran and if he were alive, he would’ve been there. I was so proud of my country.

Next were sadness and compassion as they brought the flag covered casket from the plane. These continued as I heard the emotions of family members during a short service at the casket. Their tears were joined by mine even though I was 50 yards away and had never met their son, her husband, her brother or their dad. My tears increased as I remembered that Sgt. Young was the same age as my oldest daughter. I couldn’t imagine knowing my child had been killed on the other side of the world and I was powerless to protect them or even go to them.

As we followed the procession back through town, pride came back. I was so proud of my hometown of Hope, Arkansas. There were thousands that lined the route through town. The schools along the route allowed all students to line the street. There were even school buses from surrounding towns. Sandy and I wished our grandsons could’ve witnessed this. Those grade school students may never forget this. What a tribute.

As we pulled over after riding through town, different emotions hit me; Anger and Disappointment.

In 2011, I wrote a song honoring our Military, Fire and Law Enforcement. It is titled “With What They Died For”. I have been honored to perform this on KATV and other programs to honor our veterans. After airing on KATV on 11-11-11, a viewer ordered 550 copies of the song. She was on a mission. In memory of her uncle killed in the Korean War, she individually mailed a copy of the song to all 535 members of Congress and the President. She wanted each one of them to answer the question in the song; “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for?” She received one response out of the 536 CD’s she mailed.

You and I have very little control over any war that is fought or most of what goes on in this country. What we do have control of is that 535 and that one. They can change things. No matter what our party affiliation, for you and I to vote against the values we believe in, disrespects the memory of Sgt. Young and every soldier, fireman and law enforcement officer that has given their life to serve us. I have never had a job or assignment where my life was in jeopardy during the process of performing that job or assignment, they do.

Thank you for your service Sgt. Young and my prayers go out to your family.

Nope, today as I went to the airport and followed the procession honoring a fallen hero through Hope Arkansas, I didn’t see Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, males, females, Christians or Non-Christians. What I saw was a group of Americans, united; and friends, when that occurs, we are hard to beat.


Greg L. Gilbert

Click here to hear “With What They Died For”

Listen to the podcast of this blog.

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It Ain’t Stalking If It Works!- Happy Anniversary Baby!

I believe it was mid-summer of 1972. My summer job was a BTTP (Big Truck Tire Physician) at Ideal Cement in Saratoga, Arkansas. I brought old and flat truck tires back to life with either a patch or a new tire. I reported to work at 5AM on Sunday mornings. This really cut in to the Saturday night of an 18 year old.

After I clocked out at 2PM, I stopped at Bill and Homer’s bait shop for a large coke and peanuts before heading out to the swimming area at Millwood Lake. I slowly drank the appropriate amount of coke on the way to the lake. As I parked in front of the swimming area, the coke was ready for the two bags of peanuts. Let the fizz begin.

After doctoring on truck tires all day I was more than slightly soiled. I was flat out nasty so I stayed in my car. Then I saw her. As we say in the country, she threw a hankering on me. I asked a guy outside my car if he knew who that girl was in the white bathing suit. He gave me her name and told me she was from Ashdown. Even then I had heard about the impact of a first impression and I was certainly too nasty to introduce myself. I finished my coke and peanuts and left to go home and clean up.

Fast forward a couple of years. I am a telephone technician in Ashdown, Arkansas. One day I was driving through town and who do I see? Yes, the girl in the white bathing suit. Of course in town she had on regular clothes but in my mind I saw that white bathing suit.

Well, I did what any good telephone man would do. I did the appropriate amount of research and found her address and telephone number. I went a step further by finding what cable and pair provided dial tone to this very attractive lady. I documented this information for future reference.

Then the day came. I saw her car at home and sprang into action. You see, what I did was basically pulling the plug on her phone. I appeared at her door and upon knocking, there she was. We were face to face. She had the prettiest smile. I informed her we had a report of her phone being out of service and I was there to take care of the problem. She stated that she didn’t even know her phone was out. (That wasn’t all she didn’t know that day.) I asked her to check it and see. She came back to the door and said yes, it was not working. I could have won an Oscar for my surprised reaction. “Oh, reaaaallly.”

Anyway, that’s where it all began. On September 11, 1976, I walked down the aisle and made the girl in the white bathing suit my wife. We were joined in the eyes of God and I want it to stay that way. She has been a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and partner in life to me. Today I celebrate 37 years of sharing life, coke and peanuts with the girl in the white bathing suit. I also continue to answer the repair calls when there is a problem on her iPhone.

Happy anniversary baby. I raise my coke and peanuts to a toast for many more great years.



P.S. I can’t leave this blog without mentioning this. We both have mixed emotions on this day. Although this is a day of celebration for us, it will also be a day of realization and prayer. You see, our 25th anniversary was 9-11-2001. We had plans for a trip and were leaving at noon. After witnessing what pure, premeditated evil was capable of on that morning, we cancelled all plans. As millions of Americans did, we watched and prayed in horror. Do not forget these families that were directly impacted by that day. Also, be very thankful for our military, fire and law enforcement that serve our great country.

Here is a song I wrote in September 2011 paying tribute to our Military, Fire and Police.


Greg Gilbert is the President of Leader Owner Mindset™ Consulting. He developed and teaches a leadership course based on real life successes and failures witnessed in his management and Human Resources career. He is also a keynote speaker and adds humor to the content as “Mr. HR With A Guitar”.  His website is


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Nothing Holds A Memory Like A Song

On the way to conduct a leadership seminar this week I had the travel time to listen to new music from a Texas country singer, Jason Cassidy. Jason was a neighborhood friend of the sons of my fellow HR buddy Roy from Houston. Jason has chosen country music as a career and I hope America follows Texas in allowing that to occur.

The title to his sophomore CD is Keep It Country. There are many great songs on there. Blame It On Waylon is a great song to have on while exercising, riding down a dirt road or through the pasture. Caution: if you are on the highway, set your cruise control. You will unconsciously speed up.

Today, however, I got hung up on Track 4, Nothing Holds A Memory (Like A Song). It made me flashback to all the music that has played a part in my life. I’ve loved most types of music all my life. It started with using my money as a kid to buy every Elvis record made. (Traded every one of them for a pool cue in 1968. I haven’t always been very smart obviously. Dang you, Lynn Norton.)

I liked Motown and R&B. I went to concerts as a teenager when I had the money. I remember Sly and The Family Stones Greatest Hits 8-track being probably the most played through those four Craig speakers in my cars. I bought every greatest hit 8-track that came out every month with songs from various artists.

Over the years I began to enjoy country music. Sandy & I can’t remember all the concerts we have seen. Luckily we’ve had friends that loved music as much as we did and always had a “yes” answer to the “Hey, do you want to go see ________?” question.

Sometimes we took the girls but they didn’t always like our style of music. I’ve seen them both asleep in chairs while Merle Haggard finished and Clint Black began. However, I have to admit I still remember Boys To Men singing “End Of The Road” in Little Rock and the New Kids On The Block claiming they had the “Right Stuff” at a football field in Bentonville. These were concerts the girls wanted to see and they knew that daddy loved music.

I’ve seen high energy shows like the Jacksons Victory Tour in Texas Stadium, Pointer Sisters in Las Vegas and Garth Brooks in Little Rock, Memphis and Jonesboro. I’ve also enjoyed listening to songwriters pour their heart and emotions out with nothing but a guitar in Luckenbach, Texas or at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee.

I saw George Strait for the first time in the 80’s at Barnhill arena in Fayetteville, AR where I also saw Steve Winwood, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Exposé, Alabama, and Earl Thomas Conley. Sandy, I and the girls also saw Reba change clothes at least a dozen times in 90 minutes at a Barnhill concert.

I’ve nearly missed Sugarland because I’d never heard of them when they opened for Reba. I knew within the first 15 minutes, they were just getting started in their career. I saw Trace Adkins for the first of six times on a flatbed trailer at Toy Hill in Little Rock. I also believe we were the only white folks at a Freddie Jackson concert in Little Rock.

Sandy, friends and I heard the most beautiful voice from some lady named Martina that opened for Garth in Jonesboro. I saw some new guy named Keith Urban make me think there was an entire band with him when all he had were hands, stomping feet and an acoustic guitar. I saw Tim and Faith sing together at Texas Stadium before they were Tim and Faith. I saw a full moon through the roof of Texas Stadium while George Straight was on stage that night. I felt my eyes sweat when Alabama sang “Angels Among Us” at their farewell tour in Little Rock. I’ve had Al Green take me back through our honeymoon in 1976 with his greatest hits at a concert, “whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.”

One of the great things about this were the friends that enjoyed this music with us. Friends and fellowship go hand in hand with music.

I do believe all of this played a major role in my learning to play guitar and write songs at 50 years old. It is never too late to learn anything. I’m blessed enough to have experienced folks with tears in their eyes tell me what a song I have written meant to them. A song must make us mad, sad or glad or we’ve wasted time.

When they asked me to have some old songs playing at our 40th class reunion of Hope High School Class of 1972, I didn’t have to purchase one song. I had them. I’ve always loved music.

Back to Jason’s song, Nothing Holds A Memory Like A Song. There are so many songs that bring back memories. Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

•             For The Love of You – Isley Brothers – This without a doubt is “Our Song”. This was the 8-track that played during my stalking/courting/dating of Sandy Mullins 37 years ago. Ronald Isley has a very distinctive voice. You recognize it immediately.

•             Live Like You Were Dying – Tim Mcgraw – I was on Hwy. 82 in Texarkana when I first heard this. It was what I call a POS (Pull Over Song). I loved the lyrics and the message. Had to purchase it quickly. Fortunate enough to hear one of the co-writers, Craig Wiseman tell the inspiration behind the song at a songwriters night in Weatherford Texas.

•             I Believe – Brooks and Dunn – I had bought this CD on a trip to Fayetteville and was listening to parts of it. Late that night on the way home “I Believe” came on. It was the first time I had heard it. There is a huge lighted Cross between Alma and Russellville. That Cross came into view as Ronnie Dunn said “I’m finding more and more truth in the words written in red.” I will never forget that feeling. I listened to nothing else all the way home. BTW, Craig Wiseman was a co-writer on this with Ronnie Dunn and they had to fight to get it on the CD because of the Christian message.

•             Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle – I was meeting two of the District Managers to go out of town when I first heard this. My eyes sweat immensely (a manly way of saying I wept like a small child). I had to reroute and drive around to get my eyes back to normal before meeting them. I blamed it on traffic but it was a song.

•             Butterfly Kisses – I Loved Her First – These were the two songs selected by my girls for father/daughter dances at their weddings. Yes, the eyes sweat again.

There are many more but I will stop there.

If you love good country music, I strongly recommend “Keep It Country” by Jason Cassidy. It is available on iTunes. If you are true music lover, spend a little extra time on Track 4, “Nothing Holds A Memory Like A Song.” Think about the music that has been around as you have taken this ole journey called life.

Can you remember where you were, who you were with, what you were driving or what you felt when you heard a particular song? I would love to hear the songs that hold your memories.

Greg Gilbert


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Customer Service Is Alive And Well In Fulton Arkansas!

Sandy and I were leaving Texarkana today headed back to the The Farmuary. We decided on the way to call in an order at the Red River Café at Fulton. Their burgers are great and quite a meal so we decided to split one. While I was calling in my order with Robin, I asked Sandy if she wanted to split an order of their onion rings. She said she had rather split an order of fries. I told Robin we would split an order of fries, burger and would eat there.

When we arrived, our order was ready and on two separate plates with half a burger and half an order of fries on each plate. Listen closely. This is where the customer service comes in. On my plate was four onion rings also. Robin had heard me ask Sandy if she wanted onion rings first so she had the cook put a few on my plate.
That is going the extra mile.

In my leadership seminar I have a section on “Leading And Serving Your Customer”. We could all take a lesson from Robin at the Red River Café in Fulton, Arkansas.

Greg L. Gilbert

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We Can’t Be A “Work In Progress” Without The Work!

“It is not your business to succeed, but to do right. When you have done so, the rest lies with God.” C. S. Lewis

Wow! This was one of the items I read this morning. Sandy and I just had this conversation yesterday after church.

My question was: “Do we sometimes say God is in control as an excuse to not do the right things? Is it just flat out laziness or lack of discipline?” Continue reading

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Waiting On A Woman Till You Get One

Yesterday my 8 year old grandson and I sat in the car waiting on my wife. I turned around to face him and said, “Kasen, you will spend many years of your life waiting on a woman.”

With a totally straight face he said “yes sir, but I guess I’ll get one someday”.

I just nodded, withheld my laughter and turned around. Man, I love being a Papaw.

Greg Gilbert

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I’ve Heard Of Cancer But I Don’t Know Much About It.

This is my second year to share a few songs I have written and some I wished I had written at the Hempstead County Relay For Life. I always enjoy this. One thing I truly enjoy is playing with a great sound system. Thank you Jerome Underwood. In fact, Jerome joined me on harmonica on many of my songs and wow, it sure added something extra. Thanks again Jerome.   

Last year as I drove to the event, I began thinking how many families are affected by cancer. Very few families are NOT affected by cancer. I called both of my grown (in their 30’s) daughters on the way to the relay. I asked them if they had heard of polio. Both had heard of it but did not know much about it and really didn’t know anyone that had been affected by polio.

This is my prayer. Someday, somewhere, someone will be able to call a child, grandchild or great-grandchild and ask if they have heard of cancer. Their answer will sound much like my daughters; “I’ve heard of it but I don’t know much about it and I don’t personally know anyone that has been affected by cancer.

That, my friend, will be a wonderful day. Wouldn’t you agree?

Greg Gilbert  

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He Let Me Help

He Let Me Help

I’ve had a blessed life and have been grateful for all the different roles I’ve played in life. Dad to two girls and Papaw to two boys are no exceptions. Much more laughter than tears and many more memories than regrets. That’s what life is all about.

Note: Tears during two trips down the aisle and father/bride dances do not count as bad tears.

I told a story in my leadership seminar Tuesday about the pleasure of watching a leader grow and develop while knowing you played a small role in their development. I wished that on the attendees. As I told the story, Fathers Day hit my mind and I totally lost my train of thought. I do believe I recovered before my attendees noticed.

I thought about watching my two girls grow into beautiful young women.

I know. I know. God did that. However, what I’m most proud of is even though they have their own personalities, they both have the same good, kind heart.

I know, I know, God did that too, but you know what I’m most grateful for?

He let me help.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads.

What are they leaving with?
Do they have a loving home?
Leaving with?
Have I showed them right from wrong?
Leaving with?
When we’re miles and miles apart,
there’s a choice to be made,
and they look inside their heart,
what are they leaving with?

Chorus from “What Are They Leaving With”
Music and lyrics by Greg Gilbert-
Greg Gilbert Publishing – Ascap

Greg Gilbert

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